Jamie Durie & B+N: Come Meet The Designer

Who: Designer Jamie Durie with B+N Industries

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 11:00 AM

Where: GlobalShop, B+N Booth 4343, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

B+N Industries is honored to introduce a special collaboration
with international award-winning designer and author, Jamie Durie.

Durie and his team have created a unique design language called “transterior”: creating seamless transitions between the indoors & out. This philosophy of taking the outdoors inside, and the indoors outside, forges a greater connection to nature in a sophisticated and carefully curated environment inspired by nature and natural elements and textures.

Our acclaimed Infused Veneer and Iconic Panel Collections are a perfect vehicle
to translate Jamie’s vision of imbuing interior spaces with the natural world.
The result: a collection that will dramatically and elegantly transform spaces –
all with a symbiotic relationship of imagery and patterns driven by design
and created by nature.

Come on by and meet Jamie, hear him speak,
and ask questions about his inimitable outlook on design.


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Electrified 1224 by B+N Industries, Globalshop Launch

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Experience Shantell Martin for B+N Industries

For this year’s GlobalShop we wanted to do something fresh, modern and memorable, so we invited artist Shantell Martin to apply her #DrawingOnEverything philosophy to our installation using her trademark black ink on white surfaces. Without question, Shantell Martin for B+N Industries was the highlight of the show. Many of you were captivated by Shantell’s presence, personality, and live art performance, but for those of you who missed it – this is your opportunity to get the creative scoop.

System 1224 with LED lit panels and Fortina, B+N Industries Design, Las Vegas

We started with a blank canvas using our System 1224 as the focus, composed of white, black, and LED lit paneling, acrylic boxes, shelving, and desk, while Fortina creates a semi-enclosed ceiling and frames our logo.

The foundational elements of our Shantell Martin for B+N experience were based on one of our most versatile merchandising and interior designs, System 1224. This system uses rectilinear forms and repeating modularity with light, taut, planar surfaces – devoid of applied ornamentation with the capacity to adapt to any interior, aesthetic, or type of merchandise. Timelessness and adjustability are at the core of the system, and usability is inherent in its disciplined design. Any component can be removed and replaced from the front of the system, singularly, without tools. This gives the user the opportunity to quickly grow and change a project with the seasons, marketing rollouts, or current inventory. Just as the great modernist architects of the last century designed buildings with implicit functionality and simplicity, System 1224 is a classic solution for the retail and hospitality environments of today.

Panoramic Pure View of Shantell Martin for B+N Industries

Panoramic shot of our installation, Fortina encloses the edge and top with mixed lighting and the LED lit boxes show the possibilities inherent in System 1224.

We used our newest product line, Fortina, to finish the perimeter wall which continued on to a create a ceiling. This remarkable architectural system will fool your senses by replicating wood slats and Louvers with aluminum and a hyper-realistic non-pvc surface. The combination of these materials makes the collection perfect for “green” building. The large collection of finishes has a touch and feel that is indistinguishable from real wood. It dramatically enhances interior and exterior environments with the benefits of lighter weight, less cost, less waste, easier installation, as well as more consistent color and finish than real wood.

Detail shot of Fortina Louvers which frame our B+N Industries logo...

Detail shot of Fortina Louvers which frame our B+N Industries logo…

Since Shantell’s trademark involves applying black ink to white surfaces (and occasionally silver ink to black surfaces), it was only natural to build a predominantly white version of System 1224 for her working canvas – with a dose of black for added drama. The panels, shelving, and desk were powder coated in white, while the black panels were powder coated in black. A few unique standouts were the LED lit graphic panels used in between the white and black paneled sections, acrylic boxes containing white converse high tops, and a black metal case within the black paneling that Shantell used to create a special hand drawn silver vignette.

Side View of Shantell Martin for B+N Industries Blank Canvas Using System 1224

Side view of our pure installation of System 1224 and Fortina before Shantell Martin transforms the space. White and Black paneling are separated by LED lit panels.

Shantell’s process always involves a mix of spontaneity and thoughtful precision. With each piece, she intuitively determines a starting point and then applies a single uninterrupted first stroke which serves as a reference point for the flow of the surrounding lines to come. At the beginning of Day 1 as seen in the video snapshot below, Shantell had an entirely pure and untouched canvas to work with. She began with her initiation line and moved around System 1224 repeating this technique until she found a resting place to branch out the details of her visual story.

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries Using System 1224, (Firestone) from B+N Industries on Vimeo.

Nothing in the space was immune to Shantell’s touch, that meant acrylic boxes, shelving, the desk, and ottomans were all fair game. Perhaps the most interesting moments occurred when her pen hit the LED lit paneling, black metal box, and the floor which we reserved for the start of Day 2.

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries using System 1224

Shantell works on the panels of our System 1224, while words and messages can be seen throughout

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries drawing on LED panels of System 1224

Shantell writing Are You You on our favorite feature of this installatiom, the LED lit panels of System 1224

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, #DrawingonEverything using System 1224

Shantell covers the white powder coated desk in her signature way. The desk can be attached to any point on System 1224. She even plays off the book on top asking Do We Read? You will also sea that she likes to have fun spelling certain words.

Watch her work on our work in this video capturing the entire #SMxBN space.

SMxBN: See Shantell Martin at Work from B+N Industries on Vimeo.

#ShantellMartinforBN, Shantell Martin for B+N Industries installation

View from an angle of our Shantell Martin space end of Day 1.

Panoramic View of Shantell Martin for B+N Industries at the end of Day 1 of installation, #ShantellMartinforBN

Panoramic view of The Shantell Martin for B+N Industries installation at the end of Day 1.

At the beginning of Day 2, Shantell hit the floor and applied her incredible visual language to every corner. This was one of our favorite aspects of the #ShantellMartinforBN installation, and it added such a unique layer of artistic interest. Take a peek at the time lapse video below to watch Shantell take over our floor.

Shantell Martin Hits The Floor for B+N Industries from B+N Industries on Vimeo.

Shantell Martin drawing on the floor for B+N Industries, #ShantellMartinforBN

Shantell Martin hits the floor for B+N Industries at the start of Day 2

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, drawing on the floor for #ShantellMartinforBN

Not one to leave anything out, she tackled the floor underneath the desk. Here you can also see the acrylic boxes above with her touch.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might be wondering how Shantell was able to draw in permanent marker on System 1224 two consecutive days in row. Here is where it gets interesting, since we wanted Shantell to be able to begin each day with a clean slate we decided to use our custom magnetic graphics in solid white to cover each of the panels. These magnetic pieces are currently employed to display marketing or custom imagery in the retail and hospitality environments or they can be done as shown. Many of our visitors found it remarkable how seamlessly our magnetic graphics can transform each System 1224 panel. So with her original artwork underneath, Shantell was ready to begin a new masterpiece.

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, drawing on System 1224, #ShantellMartinforBN

Shantell starts Day 2 by playfully reminding not to hide in the corner on System 1224…

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, drawing on LED panels, Are Your Lights On

Are your lights on? Ours are… We love how the silver popped on the black panels of System 1224 and how the floor ads interest to the rest of the environment

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, Word Play

We even changed out the LED lit boxes on the second day for Shantell to play…

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, #ShantellMartinforBN

Shantell Martin takes a moment to enjoy her incredible installation for B+N Industries

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, full installation, #ShantellMartinforBN

A view of the entire #ShantellMartinforBN experience at the end of the show

Shantell’s installations have similar qualities due to the use of her chosen format of black and white. This monochromatic approach allows the eye to explore her work without the influential tone that color can give, i.e. apples are red and figures have flesh. Each of her pieces is entirely original, and always contains a philosophical message throughout. The heart of her work involves engaging the viewer with playful and whimsical shapes, characters, and text in both question and statement form. There are a few iconic phrases she likes to use as a compass in her own artistic journey that she shares with her audience, such as Who Are You, Are You You, and You Are You. This simple question/answer wordplay has given her internal direction in the art world and has become a fundamental assessment tool in keeping her mission at the forefront, a reminder to be oneself in all things. Throughout the show, Shantell engaged the audience and passed along her black & white message with hand drawn cards. She also personalized her outfit to include a custom message for B+N Industrues as seen below.

Artist Shantell Martin wears a custom shirt for her collaboration with B+N Industries...Why are you here today?

Shantell created her own custom shirt each day to embrace her B+N Industries installation…Why are you here today?

Who Are You? Are You You? You Are You...Shantell's philosophies are always inherent in her work.

Who Are You? Are You You? You Are You…Shantell’s philosophies are always inherent in her work.

Shantell Martin for B+N Industries, System 1224

Shantell created an inspirational vignette using silver on the black metal box attached to System 1224.

Artist Shantell Martin in her custom shirt for B+N Industries

Shantell sports her custom shirt for Day 2 of the show, What’s in Your Pocket?

Artist Shantell Martin with B+N Industries CEO, Brad Somberg, in front of her #ShantellMartinforBN installation.

Shantell and our CEO, Brad Somberg, had a great deal of fun during the show and managed to entertain each other easily with intelligent banter

B+N Industries Team - Annette Garcia - Lena Lim - Erica Hirschfeld during #ShantellMartinforBN

Annette Garcia, Lena Lim, and Erica Hirschfeld from the B+N Industries team enjoying the #ShantellMartinforBN experience…

Artist Shantell Martin, with our Director of Digital + Social Media, Sarah Somberg, who is wearing a hashtag dress by Issa for #ShantellMartinforBN.

The artist, Shantell Martin, with our Director of Digital + Social Media, Sarah Somberg, who is wearing a #hashtag dress by Issa for #ShantellMartinforBN.

Our Director of Social Media shows off #SMxBN hashtag nails holding a custom water bottle for the Shantell Martin for B+N Industries event

We sported our social media shortened hashtag #SMxBN to spread the message about Shantell Martin for B+N Industries and passed out custom water bottles with our signature B+N orange label and original Shantell artwork.

We feel it is our responsibility as a brand to develop and inspire the next generation of designers – since Shantell Martin is currently a scholar at MIT (Media Lab), it felt natural to have her host an exclusive class for current students majoring in the Arts and Fashion related degrees. The students were so grateful and thrilled to have intimate time with her. During the hour sessions at the end of each day, she demonstrated her artistic process and explored the philosophical meanings behind some of her work.

Shantell Martin demonstrates her process for students from FIT NYC during the Shantell Martin for B+N Industries event..

Shantell demonstrates her process for students from FIT NYC…

Artist Shantell Martin gives a master class for students in fashion and design during the Shantell Martin for B+N Industries collaboration.

With PAVE’s help via Dash Nagel, we were able to fill our sessions easily with energetic students and great energy from Shantell.

A personal shot we love of Zorina Price capturing her wife, artist Shantell Martin at work during the Shantell Martin for B+N Industries event...

A personal shot we love of Zorina Price capturing her wife at work…

At the end of the session, Shantell continued “Drawing on Everything” with our employees and students offering up themselves for fresh “Shantoos” (aka Shantell Tatoos)…

Shantell Martin even drew on the students during the B+N Industries event

Shantell even drew on the students…

At the end of the show, we were delighted to receive the Outstanding Booth award from VMSD. We are so honored to have been able to partner with artist Shantell Martin for this special installation, and look forward to sharing more of her with you at our next appearance at ICFF in New York, May 16-19, 2015.

B+N Industries wins Outstanding Booth for our collaboration with artist Shantell Martin from VMSD

What do you read? VMSD…

All photos and video content courtesy of B+N Industries

Monochrome Mood: Black + White

B+N Industries Blog Quotes - Dr Seuss

We are opening our eyes to all things Black and White at B+N Industries in honor of our GlobalShop feature artist, Shantell Martin, and her trademark use of black ink on white surfaces. Be inspired by the bold, dramatic, and modern feel you can create by adding some of our favorite monochrome products to your space.

Image_1263The Classy Chairs in Gloss Black and Gloss White, with English Garden and Roman Horse images slipped into acrylic backs


The Turned Wood Table in Gloss Black with a glass top


Iconic Table in Gloss White Helsinki Pattern


Iconic Fleur Panels in Gloss Black


Iconic Versailles Panels in Black and Matte White


Iconic Panels in Matte White Albert Pattern


Iconic Panels in Matte White Broadcast Pattern


The Iconic Bedroom Collection complete with Headboard, Platform Bed, and Dresser, all in Gloss Black Albert Pattern

Iconic Low Credenza in Gloss White Albert Pattern

B+N Industries Puck 3-Way Merchandising Unit

Puck 3 – Way Merchandising Unit in Black


Iconic 2 – Way Merchandising Unit in Matte White Helsinki Pattern


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