B+N New Website Ad Crop


We decided it was time for a virtual makeover, and wanted to take a moment to point out some of the features in our NEW socially focused and design driven site.

As you know, we recently updated our presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, started a blog, and joined the worlds of Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. We have incorporated these Social Media platforms in two ways – First by giving you “insta-access” to our Official feeds, and secondly we’ve created an option that allows you to share anything your heart desires from each of our pages to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or personal email. Within our galleries, you can share our product and portfolio photos to Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, or Pinterest. We have found our Pinterest sharing feature to be especially valuable for designers and architects in creating mood boards or gathering inspiration for a project.

You will notice that all of our products fall into one of these categories: Merchandising Systems, Architectural Panels, Iconic Room Furniture, or our newest line Fortina. It is here you will find our Iconic Panels, Infused Veneer, System 1224, Puck, Scissy, Pog, and our Rex Ray Collaboration. Keep in mind that in addition to using our stock offerings, we have the capacity to partner with you from initial concept through the design development and manufacturing phases to create a completely custom environment that is tailored to your brands identity and needs.

As with the previous site, you can sign up at any time to gain full access to our Catalogs and Pricing Guide. You can visit our Installation Guides for do-it yourself help, browse Where To See B+N to check something out in person, view our press packed Works Book, or freely peruse our photo database to download high quality images.

If you need a little more personal attention, you can easily send us a note at mail@bnind.com, or reach out to our California or New York offices. If you are looking for your chance to join our team, check out the brand new Careers page or start following us on LinkedIn to find our our current career opportunities.

We hope you will enjoy the new home of B+N Industries as much as we do! Be sure to check back here on the blog for exciting insider information in the future.