System 1224





New: Electrified 1224. This addition to the collection has all the functionality of System 1224 with the additiIMG_0026croppedon of plug and play LED lit shelves and cabinets. All of the non-electrified accessories from System 1224 can be used in conjunction with Electrified components without interrupting any power flow.

Just Launched: Gridbreaking Panels and Accessories bring a new level of design play to System 1224. With various panel sizes up to 48″ wide and 96″ tall,  designers can creB+N_1224GIRDBREAKING_04ate a more dynamic rhythm to the presentation. Combine the Metal Panels with magnetic “graphics for powerful statements of color, pattern and images.

About System 1224: System 1224 builds off of the International Style, the movement that dominated Western architecture in the mid-20th century. Rectilinear forms, repeating modularity, with light, taut, planar surfaces – devoid of applied ornamentation – define System 1224. With an honest approach to materials and a pared-down choice of components, System 1224 can adapt to any interior, aesthetic, or type of merchandise. Timelessness and adjust-ability are at the core of the system, and usability is inherent in its disciplined design. Any component can be removed and replaced from the front of the system, singularly, without tools. This gives the user the opportunity to quickly grow and change a project with seasons, moods, and styles of the time. Just as the great modernist architects of the last century designed buildings with implicit functionality and simplicity, System 1224 is a classic solution for retail shops
and hotels of today.

Below, a time-lapse video that shows the ease of installation of 1224.

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