High-Volume Sanitizer Stations


Greet The Next Phase
With a Smile

We recognized the need for a stand-alone sanitizer station that was capable of storing a high volume of sanitizer. So we designed one.

Choose from 7 powder coat colors, or specify your own.

Put a little Heart and Art into a new must-have for all public places.

Above, a view with the door open, showing the extra gallon, adjustable shelf, and optional steel loop in the back for securing with chain.

Our station not only holds a single gallon ready for use but features a locked door that houses a back-up gallon. It carries eight times more sanitizer than others on the market. This helps save the environment by using less packaging and saves time with less refilling. And the best part: the unit will pay for itself in 6 months by using gallon containers instead of the smaller packets.
You can bring a splash of color to the scene by selecting from a multitude of powder colors, or by customizing them with your own provided graphics.
Watch this space for new offerings as we commission some of our favorite artists and creative folk to design special editions.

Our high-volume dispenser footprint with maximum visibility and unmatched volume.

Add your own graphics with UV- and alcohol-stable shrink-wrapping.

Create bright and welcoming messages for the return of your customers, travelers, or co-workers.


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