System 1224


Clean and white for a home office.

Felt and walnut panels for the workplace.

Panels in felt for the office.

Product presentation at the cooperate offices for Shiseido.

All white and maple for Everlane stores.


System 1224 is an infinitely customizable system of panels, backlit and magnetic graphics, shelves, cabinets, and accessories – all with integrated LED lighting.


New For System 1224:
Bigger. Bolder. Smarter.

All of the shelf and cabinet depths are now 14 inches. This allows for greater storage capacity both on the shelves and in the cabinets. All deep cabinet drawers accept letter hanging file folders. Find out more about all shelving and accessory choices, by downloading the catalog here.

The graphics are easily installed by pushing the silicone edge into the channel on the SEG Light Panels.

With our newly designed Uprights, large SEG Light Panels for Graphics can be added either flush with all other back panels or added on top of existing panels. With large sizes up to 24″ x 96″, your walls are ready for bold backlit graphic statements (or the minimalist look of illuminated white panels with unprinted fabric). All SEG Light Panels are plug-and-play and powered by the Uprights. Find out more about all graphic choices, including magnetic graphics, by downloading the catalog here.

1224 Desks can be adjusted to standing height.

Our cabinet selection is expanded to include larger storage.

Our 1224 Desks (wall facing) and Perpendicular Desks add even more functionality to an already-robust choice of accessories. And with the vertical adjustability of every 6 inches, 1224 Desks can be raised to become standing-height work surfaces. We have expanded our cabinet offering, now with 24″ high cabinets with doors or drawers. All of our deep drawers accept letter-size hanging file folders. Find out more about all intelligent workplace and home office solutions by downloading the catalog here.

System 1224 in the Workplace

Workplaces can be modular and moveable. With the easy installation of System 1224 directly on the walls, or in the middle of a space with our special floor-to-ceiling components.   See more examples >>

System 1224 in the Home Office

The home office has become an important part of our lives. System 1224 can be adjusted to fit any size room. See more examples >>

System 1224 in Retail Shops

System 1224 is a tough and versatile system that has been time-tested in retail shops internationally. Here, at Everlane’s New York flagship store.  See more examples >>

System 1224 in Corporate Offices

For product highlights, research material libraries,  and team member lounges, System 1224 is modular enough to change as corporate needs change. Here, at Shiseido’s new HQ designed by HOK. See more examples >>

System 1224 in Public Spaces

With unlimited widths and heights, System 1224 can accommodate large expanses of walls in public areas. Here, a 50-foot high wall with a massive image on magnetic graphics. All areas of the wall can be accessorized with shelves.  See more examples >>

System 1224 in Guest Rooms

Simple and elegant material choices and a more monolithic treatment of the System 1224 Gridbreaking Panels surround the guest with a calming and ordered space. Panels and accessories can be re-imagined for each different room layout in a single property. See more examples >>

System 1224 in Lobbies

Create interest and drama at focal points in apartment and corporate lobbies. Left, custom GFRC lightweight concrete panels are paired with Metal Cabinets With Wood Doors and Flat Shelves, all in White Oak. On the right, Mario Romano backlit Corian panels are integrated with System 1224’s Flat Shelves. See more examples >>

System 1224 in Multi-Use Lounges

A light and bright multifunctional lighting showroom, lounge, and research space, with custom powder coated panels and stacked cabinets with White Oak doors.  See more examples >>

System 1224 in Healthcare

Mood-elevating color, emotion-charged imagery, and sound-modulating are all achieved through System 1224. Upholstered Panels, tall privacy walls, and magnetic graphics on wall mounted System 1224 all combine to uplift a mundane space to a friendly and functional healthcare center.  See more examples >>


Watch how easy it is to install System 1224 in this timelapse video.


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