• Icon of an electrical outlet and cord.
  • Three round cornered squares are placed together in an L pattern.
  • Three round cornered squares are placed together in an L shape. The square on the right is made up of dotted lines while the two on the left are solid. An arrow exists in the top right space pointing from the top left square to the dotted right square.
    Tool-free reconfiguration
  • Icon of a square with rounded corners with curved linear patterns decorating the inside.
  • Two puzzle pieces are placed together to match in the center.
    Works with our panels


  • Anywhere illuminated shelves, cabinets, displays, and graphics are needed
  • Perimeter walls
  • Floor-to-ceiling room dividers
  • Rolling floor units
  1. Features 1/3

    Easy Install

    Aluminum uprights act like T-bars that are easily attached to walls or floor fixtures. The single fin of the T-bar comes with pins pre-installed, so changing out accessories can be done from the front of the display.

    Close-up shot of the edge of a System 1224 shelf sliding into a white structure.
  2. Features 2/3

    Electrified Possible

    The uprights come ready to accept all LED-lit accessories and lightboxes. Wiring is cleverly hidden behind the system panels for a clean, uniform aesthetic.

    Multiple white System 1224 shelves carrying white books are propped against a white paneled wall. A long white table at the bottom holds two large red boxes that contrast amidst all the white.
  3. Features 3/3

    Flexible Panels

    Panel sizes range anywhere from 12”x24” (giving the system its namesake) up to 24”x96”. Floor fixtures can liberate System 1224 from a room’s walls, allowing a room divider to pull double duty as a display.

    Close-up of two white pieces—one with a metal extension and the other with a black clasp—about to meet each other.


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Thoughts Behind the Design

System 1224 looks to International Style, and its predecessor, Modernism, for inspiration. It is free of extraneous ornamentation, allowing the pure expression of its functionality to serve as a synonym for its beauty, like Philip Johnson’s Glass House or Mies Van Der Rohe’s Seagram Building. Like its stylistic muse, System 1224 is versatile in application, finding a home in projects of all typologies, echoing the adoption of International Style in urban contexts around the globe.

View of an interior space of a white office. White and lime colored chairs are paired with white desks within the room. The back wall is made up of white panels with the top few rows of panels consisting of a printed black and white image of an outdoor space. Along the wall white System 1224 shelves are holding up various books and white binders.

Modularity doesn’t equal being boring. System 1224’s grid breaking feature gives designers the ability to create dynamic rhythms within displays, adding a subtle element of playfulness to something as basic and functional as shelving. Panel sizes can be as wide as 48” or as tall as 96”, making the possibilities endless.

White wall is divided up into rectangular sections.

Color, finish, and graphic panel options can transform System 1224 into something truly unique. In addition to a variety of metal, wood veneer, acrylic, and fabric panels, System 1224 can be paired with B+N’s Iconic and Infused Veneer Panel systems for a one-of-a-kind display.

An orange-themed paneled wall. White System 1224 shelves are placed along the top, carrying yellow binders. A wooden bench sits at the bottom with an orange binder placed on top. On the left is a blurred view of a man walking past the wall.

Shantell Martin brings her creative vision and signature freehand line drawings of faces, objects, and words to System 1224 in our collaboration with the artist.

See more about our work with Shantell here. 

System 1224 Story with Shantell

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